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The company was established in 2001 and is a pest control service provider in Delhi & NCR. The initiative of our company “American Pest Management” is to introduce professional pest control services in Delhi & NCR by using its strengths. Termites are particularly troublesome pests because they can cause serious damage to your home or workplace. And they’re notoriously difficult to get rid of. We also flourish discreetly and in inaccessible locations. Do – it-Your own anti-termite treatments such as termite spray may not be able to treat root-level termite infestation, especially in the case of large termite colonies. Getting termite treatment from an expert brand of pest control is the best way to remove termites from your property and protect your valuable belongings. We believe in keeping you secure. Real, safe, effective pest control. The products we use are safe for children, asthma sufferers, pets and the environment. We are able to identify insects quickly and efficiently in order to maintain and enforce a pest quality control system.


We Promote healthy living and quality of life by providing best-in-class pest management services to the residential and commercial sectors


American Pest Control is to be India’s largest and most trusted provider of Pest Management services.


Quality is everyone’s responsibility, and we don’t have to stop getting any better. In offering the highest quality, we provide the customer with the best value.


Our main goal is to make your kids, Pets & Surroundings healthy. We’re going to help secure your biggest investment.

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